Book Illustration

Outsource Book Illustration

A1clippingpath keeps illustrators on employees with wide experience working on a full range of children’s book illustration projects. Whether you need a full book illustrated from scratch or a professional to finalize your sketches, we can get the job done right.

Our illustrators are expert in a variety of forms, including children’s book illustration, picture book illustration, open book illustration and cover illustration. We offer bendable pricing options that include per illustrations for individuals, hourly pricing for companies, and FTE pricing model for agencies.

Book Illustration Services We Offer

We offer a full range of book illustration designed to match the precise needs of your project. When you contact us, you will immediately have access to our full range of service options including:

Working Closely with the Author: We will closely with your author to ensure the style, tone and future audience are kept in mind for every step of the illustration process.

Matching Existing Works: Our illustrators can cautiously match the look and feel of the finished product to existing works you provide.

Constant Communication on Your Projects: We will stay in constant communication and solicit feedback from your design team frequently to ensure the finished product looks exactly as you need it to look.

Multi-Level Proofing: We have several levels of quality control in house and solicit feedback from each member of your design team throughout the process to ensure the finished comic book is exactly what you have in mind.

Branding and Marketing Design: We offer logo design, book cover design and more to balance your open book illustration needs. Just contact us and ask to learn more about what we offer to our customers.

Non-Standard Book Cover Design: We present book cover illustration for not only print and eBooks, but comic books, children’s books and picture books.

Output in Numerous Formats: We can output content in a variety of formats for printing, use in marketing collateral or use online.

Using Cutting Edge Illustration Software: We use the most higher Adobe® Illustration® software to ensure the project is completed at the highest quality levels.

Why A1clippingpath for Book Illustration Services?

Over the route of many years, A1clippingpath has worked intimately with each of our clients to ensure the highest possible final product is produced with each product. We uphold a highly managed workflow process with multiple points for quality assurance and we follow strict international standards for both quality and customer service.

Benefits of Hiring A1clippingpath For Book Illustration

Our team is devoted to providing an all-in-one solution for all of your illustration needs. That means we strive to provide all of the following:

We want you to save money and streamline operations in your own business, meaning our charge are up to 60% lower than others in the same field.

Turnaround time is definite for each project and matched 99.9% of the time.

We have a vast and experienced talent pool, consisting of individuals with between 2-5 years of experience working on a broad range of projects in the comic book illustration field

We hire individuals with between 2-5 years of experience to make sure that they are ready to tackle whatever our customers’ needs have.

Whatever your book illustration needs is, contact A1clippingpath today to know more about what we can do to meet them.